NEW FOR 2018 - Heirloom Quality Products

I absolutely LOVE to have photos of my family hanging on my walls. To be able to look at them as I walk through my home and be reminded of what we were like in years past. Neither mine nor my husbands family live close by, not even remotely close actually, and I also love to have photos up of our extended family members so that I can point them out and talk about them to my children. It helps to build extra little connections with people, especially when they are far away. 

I also love to show my kids what they looked like when they were younger and they always are so enamored by photos of themselves. They love spending lots of time going through photos of themselves and the rest of the family as well. I love hearing them talk about the memories that are associated with those photos. 

Having something to hold onto that will last forever is the one thing that I have always felt has been missing from my business. But that is no longer the truth!

I am excited to announced that Shalay Peterson Photography will now be offering not only an incredibly new experience but also some truly amazing products to my North Carolina clients! I have carefully hand selected each product so I know that it will be delivered to you looking beautiful and will stand the test of time!

Here is a look at some of my new products! 


Heritage Wood Prints

These. Are. Just. Stunning!! These prints are on a carefully and beautifully crafted piece of wood. It feels so sturdy and will really stand the test of time. The image is seamlessly placed onto the wood rather than printed directly onto the wood, so you don't get the look of the wood grain covering your family's faces. The finish is incredible, the edges are hand sanded to a perfect smooth finish, the colors are exquisite and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Really, this piece would make an incredible statement in any home and style of decor. I just love them!



Portfolio Boxes

I am head over heels in LOVE with these portfolio boxes! They are so beautiful! The box itself is covered in gorgeous linen in either a natural tan or a charcoal grey. Inside it will come with either ten or twenty 8x10 mats with 5x7 images of your sessions inside them! Essentially this is what I am referring to as a loose album. It's perfect for a coffee table to show of your images but you can also display those images however you want! You could hang them on a wall as a collage or toss up a photo easel and display an image on a shelf or fireplace! It's super versatile and just so beautiful! I'm obsessed with these portfolio boxes!




Of course I would include canvas! I love canvas! It's simply but timeless and looks great in every home! I spent a lot of time choosing exactly where I wanted to get my canvases from and I couldn't be more pleased. These are gallery wrapped so that the image wraps around all of the edges of the canvas. It's perfectly crafted to be tight, sturdy, and really last for years and years to come. 



I am planning to do specific blog posts on each of these amazing products that I'll be offering my Durham/Raleigh Family Photography clients in the future so keep a look out for those. I seriously cannot wait to be able to deliver these to my incredible clients. I know you'll fall in love with them just as much as I have!